Monday, September 3, 2012

Linear Time & Being 73 Percent Nerd

So today turns out to be the day.

It's the second day of September, which is the best month of the year. There are many great aspects to this month and my birthday falling in the middle of it just happens to be one of them.

September welcomes the best season, autumn and celebrates my grandparents' wedding anniversary. I know, I also have to give a shout out to my parents for getting together to make sure I would exist, but since my grandparents were together longer than any other couple I have ever personally known, they take the prize.

But today ends up being the day that I officially launch this here blog, 73 Percent Nerd. The savvy among you will notice that I started this account about two years ago and only started posting last month. True and true. Let's just say that I had a really prolonged and extremely soft open.

One of the many reasons it took me so long to go from registrant to actual blog poster is that I was stuck on the name. Names are very important to me. I think they can make or break many things. And as I guy named Esben who grew up in Hawaii who seldom gets his name spelled correctly by baristas anywhere (more on this later) can tell you, names ARE important.

The name of this blog, 73 Percent Nerd, came about in the best way possible for my own naming proclivities. It was one part inspiration and about 72 parts serendipity.

I had settled on the fact that embracing my inner nerd was part of what makes me a Gen Xer. And not only a Gen Xer, but one who spent his formative years squarely in the 1980s. But I also knew that I was not 100 percent nerd. Not simply because I had taken a nerdity quiz (which by the way is like putting your name on the SAT. If you can do that part, you are already scoring points) but also because I know much more complete and complex nerds whose nerdom dwarfs my own. So I am as advertised, not as nerdy as others might think, but nerdier than I imagine.

However, the 73 part did not come about arbitrarily. I knew that my writing would be more than 2/3 nerd but probably not as high as 3/4. As I sat on the couch watching The Big Bang Theory, it came to me.

There was Sheldon quizzing the group on what was the best number. It was 73. While I could sum it up, rest assured it's true and if you are a skeptic, then go here:

Then finally, being born in 1973, it was a lock.

I mention the idea of linear time right up top. This is a nod to the fact that I am not the most organized nerd you will meet. I often have to tell people to remind me to tell them something after I finish telling them the first thing because I just thought about it while I, myself, was talking.

And so it goes with this blog. I knew I had to introduce myself and these meandering thoughts at some point. Turns out that about a dozen posts in is the time to do it.

The inspiration for this blog comes from several things.

One, I have always written. I used to carry a tablet before tablets existed. The only difference was that mine said composition on the front.

Two, these are indeed things that I think about. I do not pretend that I am logging wholly original thoughts here. I am influenced like everyone else by books, television, friends and family. My hope is to share a little bit of this guy's perspective on those things that make the world go around.

And three, in an effort to give my wife a break, I thought I better start writing again. The poor thing was having to listen to a whole day's worth of the kind of stuff you will read at your leisure here except in her case, it was against her will. I would like the marriage to last as long as my grandparents', so I am working out my thoughts here rather than around the house every evening.

So that's about it. I hope you enjoy. Comment if you like. I will try to respond when I can. Otherwise be respectful of others and see you next time.

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